Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Sometimes an apple is just an apple (with apologies to Freud).

1) apple

2) basking

3) this years tomato harvest
I have been thinking about how I label my work this week and it's an interesting thing....A title can do such a lot for your viewer. I'm afraid I am one of those people who wants to know the whys of a piece of work, I like to look at sketchbooks and I want to know where the ideas come from. I'm just nosy I guess.
I was recently reading an old magazine article where Howard Hodgkin and Johnathan Meades were talking about this, apparently " I'ts an English thing: there has to be a point, a meaning exterior to the work, there's got to be a text alongside the work explaining what it's about. "
Having said all that, perhaps it's only the work that I don't like that needs explaining? Ah, it's a complicated subject,  it can be very intimidating to offer an opinion on an artwork, and if it's been explained by the artist there's no danger of getting anything wrong. Not that I care, my opinion is just that, I don't mind if you disagree. (so there!) Sometimes too, a work will 'speak' to you without an explicable reason.
Anyway, I have given the above pictures titles, but what if I changed those titles to 1) 'autumn' 2) 'holocaust' and 3) 'holy trinity (or' there is a light that never goes out')? Just a few small changes and there I am commenting on the seasons and the state of the world!

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