Monday, 29 August 2011

What I have been doing this week and some blather about working from photos.

So, these are the drawings for this week, and I am quite liking working with oilbar on found papers. It appeals to my inner recycler, it's cheap, and you can get a lot of extra meaning into an image without even doing it on purpose! It's win win.
I do work from photographs....not exclusively, but mainly. I know that there are some people who really frown on the use of photos for reference, but for me a photo, especially a family one, has a very particular atmosphere. A photo is a record of a moment gone, a moment lost or frozen, which makes me feel wistful or sad about the subject, landscape or human. Photographs seen in this way function as a kind of memento mori, a reminder that life is short and a record of all the lost moments of that lifetime.
Oh, and photos stay still.....

Monday, 22 August 2011

Work in Progress and Loss of Creative Mojo

Yes I know.... I haven't been here for a while, what can I say? Sometimes the creative mojo just leaves, and then what do you do? In my case it's feel mildly depressed and eat a lot of cake! Next time this happens I'll blog about cake.....