Friday, 9 December 2011

Cherubs and Gargoyles

moy cherub (yes it's Billy)

Seeing as how it's the season to be jolly, I thought I would draw a cherub or two. I always liked those renaissance putti, the ones who had no (visible) body, they were essentially a head with wings. After all if you're a celestial body what do you need legs for? It's a fair point I think and it makes me wonder if angels might evolve to a point where they are legless? Of course arms are always useful, and opposable thumbs....even angels need opposable thumbs. Unless they can use their mouths? I have a sudden vision of flocks or swarms of hungry putti descending on our towns over the christmas season. I think that might be a good plot for an apocalyptic disaster movie, you know the ones where the real world and the mythical one collide!
As usual, I haven't ended up with cheerful, but I have had an idea for a series of images of domestic angels or cherubs. The idea being to give ordinary faces something of the celestial. I dunno, it may happen or it may end up trapped in a this space.

Gargoyles are fab aren't they? Mythical creatures generally actually, all those half human, half beasts, lots of milage for metaphor too, might do a series on them too...