Tuesday, 29 June 2010


This week I have been thinking a lot about wave forms.
I live near the sea so perhaps that's no real surprise. I love the seaside whatever the weather and I have a huge amount of photos to prove it!
Partly it's the colours, the combinations are different every time and I have been searching for a way to translate wave forms and the loveliness of the sea into a stained glass something or other.....lamp or panel probably.
I started with a tealight holder, separating the three sections and using slightly different coloured glass in each one. I also used some of the shells, stones, seaglass etc that I habitually pick up on any visit to the beach.
Isn't it a marvellous thing when you find an idea that makes use of all of the shells, sweet wrappers, yoghurt pots etc that you just knew you were collecting for a reason?

Sunday, 9 May 2010

short intro to me

Well, a bit about who I am is in order here I imagine. I am an Illustrator as well as a Maker of stained glass. I started the stained glass about 20 years ago, and it never let go of its hold on me. The Illustration came much later, in fact I didn't really realise that I could draw until I was in my early thirties! That's what a provincial arts education in the eighties will do for you!
It is sometimes as if the glass and the drawing represent two parts of my personality, the glass I make is mostly about what looks pretty, what works on a purely decorative level. When I draw, a darker world seems to emerge, without conscious intention.
I have worried about this, as I have about a different style emerging for each material I use, but I have recently resolved to simply go with it. In any case, if I were to stick to one way of making drawings or glass then I would go mad with boredom!