Monday, 28 November 2011

Have a Handmade Christmas (or buy one from artists like meself)

There's something very christmassy about winged creatures.

 These are some pictures of my stall at the 'Have a Handmade Christmas' fair in Broadwater on Sat. Very festive it was and a very big thankyou to everyone who came!

It strikes me that in the middle of a quite depressing recession what we need is colour and joy and to fill our homes with beautiful handmade things. 
On the other hand......(and I know I'm shooting myself in the foot here) the buying of things...the desire to accumulate stuff as a way of identifying who we are. It's got to stop. 
It would be nice to move into a time when expectations aren't so high, and we don't torture ourselves over our inability to buy our children the latest piece of mass produced plastic. When we don't use our possessions as a way of judging how well we've done in relation to everyone else. Wouldn't it?
I've got off my soapbox now.....I'm off to the shops....