Wednesday, 28 September 2011

I be afeared o watercolour...

It's true. I may pretend that I don't like it, but the brutal truth is that I am a bit scared of it. Now, in the general scheme of things it's a bit pathetic to be scared of a painting medium, so I suspect that what I'm saying is that I'm scared of failing at watercolour. I like to experiment and I love techniques that allow me to use lots of layers, but I don't feel quite in control of watercolour... it refuses to bend to my will.
It's a paralysing thing the fear of failure, and the flip side I think, is the search for approval. If you get positive feedback about your work or, even better someone buys some, it is really easy to repeat yourself endlessly. There's a danger that you will stop experimenting, you'll stop taking risks, and before you know it, you're stuck, and your work is boring!
So, in the spirit of feel the fear and do it anyway I have attempted some watercolour this week, I nearly didn't post it because frankly I'm not impressed, but here they are anyway...

a sneaky peek at my desk

terrible photo, ok painting

watercolour on newspaper prepared with emulsion

Meanwhile, back in my comfort zone, below is a painting from the same photo as the watercolours. I much prefer this, and I enjoyed doing it....I dunno, perhaps watercolour just aint my thing?

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