Saturday, 16 April 2011

Makers Boutique

Here is a lovely photo of my stall at the Unitarian Church in Brighton today (if you look closely you can see my helper!) It was a good day, if a little tiring but tired is what you get when you stay up late finishing work and then have your eight year old son 'helping' all day. As usual the birds sold very well, makes me wonder if perhaps I should put up the prices? I always find pricing really difficult, mainly because I get carried away when I'm working and don't pay attention to how much time is passing. I also tend to price for what I can afford, and of course I don't know how much disposable income anyone else has, so this approach is flawed.
I will post some pictures of the easter eggs I made. I didn't sell many, which is a shame in one way but it does mean that my eastery decorations will be pretty marvellous this year! Any excuse for a bit of a bauble....

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